16 févr. 2010

The XX & Florence and the Machine - Singapore

A guest comment by lerob

Everything in singapore is so organized, even the “rock concerts”, they say through the speakers: the xx will start in 3 and a half minutes, you are not allowed to bring beer inside the hall, which is actually an opera house with 3 levels and of course you get a fixed seat position (there are only seats, no space to dance). then the show starts. the xx are still very young and new and you see their incredible talent immediately, I love them, but their presentation needs some improvement, they just have to get more experience on stage. It reminds me when I first saw the kooks in munich, they played no intro, they didn’t say anything, they just played their album from the first to the last song, no interaction with the audience…i basically like the xx attitude, like showing no emotions or physical expressions but to make the audience crazy you have to, I don’t know, add some new exciting unpredictable elements to the show. as much as I hate the expression “show” it still remains one. so in conclusion there are 3 points: the xx are just awesome, but they have to improve their live performance even because their music isn’t quite party music. secondly they should choose better locations, preferably small, dirty, more intimate clubs or bars where the audience can drink and make party. singaporeans don’t know how to behave on a concert, but where should they learn it?! thirdly, even a great performance like the one of Florence, who seems to be incredible on stage, couldn’t compete with the lack of atmosphere in this concert hall…


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antonin a dit…

...En tout cas ce jeudi à la Cigale j'en connais au moins 2 qui seront en mode petites fourmis généralement détendues !!

Oscar a dit…

faites partagez ça à la famille LDG !

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